The Caribbean Potential: Reimagining the Region’s Policy Frameworks

This webinar is part of the LACC/CPC Caribbean Policy Series. With a special emphasis on the Anglophone Caribbean, the series includes three webinars with experts from the Greater Caribbean region, moderated by FIU faculty and CPC members, and a series of policy-oriented papers addressing economic, political, and strategic matters in the region that will be published electronically by LACC. The LACC/CPC Caribbean Policy Series is part of LACC’s renewed commitment to expand programming related to the Anglophone Caribbean, a sub-region with phenomenal human capacities, strong democratic institutions and incredibly rich socio-cultural and environmental diversity.


The Caribbean is marked by an abundance of natural resources and opportunities for international investment, but also faces challenges related to security, infrastructure, sustainable development, energy, and governance. Panelists analyze the importance of Anglophone Caribbean political, economic, and strategic policy, and discuss its unique advantages and challenges related to global power politics; trade and technological asymmetries; energy sector expansion in oil and gas; and climate change.

Dr. Georges A. Fauriol’s paper, “The Caribbean Potential: Reimagining the Region’s Policy Frameworks,” which is part of the LACC Caribbean Working Paper Series, can be accessed HERE


Dr. Georges A. Fauriol
Former Vice President of Grants Operations and Evaluation, National Endowment for Democracy and Fellow, Caribbean Policy Consortium

Ambassador Dr. Richard L. Bernal, OJ
Former Pro-Vice Chancellor of Global Affairs, University of the West Indies, Jamaica and Fellow, Caribbean Policy Consortium

Dr. Jessica Byron-Reid
Professor and Director of the University of the West Indies Institute of International Relations, Trinidad & Tobago and Fellow, Caribbean Policy Consortium

Daniel P. Erikson
Senior Fellow, Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement

Andrea M. Ewart, Esq.
Attorney and Founder, DevelopTradeLaw, LLC and Fellow, Caribbean Policy Consortium


Dr. David E. Lewis
Vice President, Manchester Trade Limited and Fellow, Caribbean Policy Consortium

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