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Transforming Guyana, Season II, Episode III: Environmental Stewardship in the Emerging Guyanese Oil and Gas Economy

Moderators Terrence Blackman Founder, Guyana Business Journal David Lewis Vice President, Manchester Trade Ltd Inc. & Co-chair, Caribbean Policy Consortium Speakers Ulric Trotz Science Adviser, Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, Belize Sydney Allicock Former Vice President & MInister of Indigenous People’s Affairs Lorraine Sobers Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering, UWI

Transforming Guyana, Episode XII: Digitization and the emerging Guyanese Oil and Gas Economy

Media Advisory: The Guyana Business Journal (GBJ) & Caribbean Policy Consortium host Episode XII of the  Webinar Series, Transforming Guyana, Episode XII: Digitization and the emerging Guyanese Oil and Gas Economy Wednesday, May 10, 2023. Panelists: Lance Hinds, Chief Executive, BrainStreet Group & Director, DreamSpace Foundation, Eldon Marks, Tech Entrepreneur & Innovator, Mike Singh,  Chair, Guyana ICT Tech & Innovation Council, Multidimensional […]

Transforming Guyana Episode X: “Unlocking the Potential of Guyana’s Oil and Gas Economy

Unlocking the Potential of Guyana’s Oil and Gas Economy: Balancing Energy Development and Environmental Stewardship Media Advisory Please see the white paper here: Intersection of Energy_Environment in Guyana_Dr_Ulric_Trotz Executive Summary: In 2015, significant oil and gas reserves were discovered in Guyana, transforming the country into a major fossil fuel producer. Before this discovery, Guyana, like other vulnerable […]


DATE: July 21, 2022 The presentation, by Rystad’s Head of Latin America, Schreiner Parker, explores recent developments in Guyana’s oil and gas industry. Parker reports on what has been done so far in governance and identifies what still needs to be implemented to maximize Guyana’s benefits. The report examines how Guyana’s oil and gas industry can […]