US-CARICOM Trade & Investment Relations

This webinar explores how the US-CARICOM Trade and Investment Council (TIC) under the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) of 2013 can be used to promote more focused negotiations between the U.S. and CARICOM.  Special focus on the US-Uruguay TIC (2008) as a best practice benchmarking experience with its five times increase in bilateral trade and two times increase in US FDI into Uruguay between 2008-2016 and into the present.

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Keynote Opening Address by:  Anabel Gonzalez (Deputy Director General of WTO, former Trade Minister and Chief FTA Negotiator of Costa Rica)  
Presentation on US/Uruguay TIFA by:  Angelica Herrera Munoz (Trade expert/consultant) and Ana Claudia Moran (Trade expert/ consultant)


Ambassador Wayne McCook

ASG CARICOM Secretariat

Braeden Young

Director (Caribbean/Mexico), USTR

Andrea Ewart

Founder, Develop Trade Law LLC/CPC Fellow

David Lewis

VP Manchester Trade / CPC Co-Chair/Fellow


Jan Yves Remy

SRC Director/ CPC Fellow

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