Women’s Empowerment in the Caribbean: Regional and Multisectoral Perspective


In this webinar, women leaders will discuss the opportunities associated with female empowerment in the Caribbean, sharing their experiences, perspectives, and concerns for the future.

What are the conditions necessary for the inclusion of more women in the Caribbean economies? Are the Caribbean States, banks and educational institutions promoting female enterprises and broadening opportunities for women’s professional development? How can women improve their labor standing and achieve benefits equal to those of their male counterparts, for the same work rendered? The webinar aims to respond to these questions at a time when the Caribbean is facing some of the most significant challenges in its recent history.


Ms. Mariame McIntosh Robinson

President and CEO, First Global Bank, Jamaica

Dr. Susanne Zwingel

Associate Professor,

Politics and International Relations and LACC Affiliated Faculty,

FIU Moderator

Ms. Kimberly Green President, Green Family Foundation

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