TIFA/TIC Trade Relations Between the United States and Uruguay

Assessment of the Trade Agreement and Identification of Sectors with Greater Opportunity

Paper by Angélica Herrera Muñoz and Ana Claudia Morán


This paper makes a synthetic analysis of the signing of the TIFA agreement between
Uruguay and the United States, its results, and the challenges it still represents
considering the new trade trends in which the agreement should be deepened. It is
organized as follows: section 1, the context of the agreement, section 2, reasons for
signing the TIFA, section 3, stakeholders, and processes involved, section 4, general
benefits for Uruguay, section 5, current events and next steps, section 6, challenges and
opportunities of the agreement, section 7, results for Uruguay, section 8, how
CARICOM learns from Uruguay’s experience, and section 9, recommendations.


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