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LORRAINE SOBERS Recent Articles Panel Discussions March 2021, Panelist, High-Stakes Tension: The Southern Caribbean Energy Matrix and the Regional Push for Renewable Energy


BRUCE ZAGRIS Renewed American Focus Can Bring Regional Tourism Dividends, Bahamas Tribune, Aug. 22, 2016 The G7 agreement on a global minimum tax will further squeeze the Caribbean, TheGlobalAmericans June 22, 2021. Legal aspects of helping Suriname achieve better anti-corruption and governance, TheGlobalAmericans September 2, 2020 Authored two chapters in the ebook Good Governance […]


ANTHONY T. BRYAN Bryan, Anthony T. (2021) Is there a future for the oil and gas sector within the Caribbean’s Blue Economy? Chapter 14 in The Caribbean Blue Economy. P. Clegg, R. Mahon. P. McConney, H. Oxenford (eds.) Routledge, 2021 September 9, 2021, “The Caribbean Blue Economy.” Panelist, The United States and the Caribbean: New […]


GEORGES FAURIOL *October 22, 2021, “Adrift: US-Haiti policy,” Global Americans. *July 29, 2021, “Featured Q & A: Will a new leader be able to bring Haiti together?”  Latin America Advisor. *July 23, 2021, Voice of America Press Conference USA Haiti Update (interview). *July 16, 2021, “Hotbed Haiti: Crisis Conditions,” The National Interest. *July 2, 2021, “Adrift […]


DAVID LEWIS Guyana could see billions in oil revenue with right process … › op-ed › article245674315 Opinion by David E. Lewis. 18 Sẹp 2020 Election results from March stuck in political deadlock | Miami … › op-ed › article244604897 If Guyana does not resolve its presidential elections, oil riches will slip away Opinion. By […]


Ivelaw Griffith Vaccination and Vaccine Diplomacy in the Caribbean By Ivelaw Griffith December 9, 2021 “Geopolitics of Oil and Water in Guyana: Part 2,” OilNOW, June 25, 2021, available at Geopolitics of oil and water in Guyana: Part 2 – Ivelaw Griffith | OilNow.  “Geopolitics of Oil and Water in Guyana: Part 1,” OilNOW, […]


CPC Fellow SAMANTHA CHAITRAM *June 2020, “American Foreign Policy in the English-speaking Caribbean: From the Eighteenth to the Twenty-first Century.” New York: Palgrave Macmillan. *November 5, 2020, “Will a Trump or Biden victory make a difference for the English-speaking Caribbean?” Global Americans. *November 12, 2020, “Featured Interview: Biden and a New Era of […]


Scott MacDonald publications “Governance and Electoral Continuity and Change in the Caribbean”,  Global Americans, August 5, 2021. “A Global Americans Interview with Gaston Schulmeister, Director of the Organization of American States Department Against Transnational Organized Crime”, Global Americans, May 20, 2021.  “Congested Ports, Economic Problems and Challenged Supply Chains”, National Interest, June 13, 2021. “China Has No Intention of […]


JAN YVES REMY publications “Dispute Settlement at the WTO: How Did We Get Here and What’s Next for Commonwealth States?” Trade Hot Topics (Commonwealth Secretariat): (Issue 166/September 2020): Available at: “Our Trade Vulnerability Index Explained: Why, What, How and What’s Next” Co-authored with Jason Cotton (CDB) (August 2020). Available at: “COVID-19 Makes the Case for Our Trade Vulnerability Index” […]